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Local Population Studies (LPS) is a peer reviewed journal that has, since 1968, developed a strong reputation for publishing specialist articles on demographic, economic, and social history.

We are currently looking for articles of around 7,000 words, on any topic in local, population, or social history.

Topics of interest could include migration history, the history of population (locally and on a wider geographical scale), the history of poverty and social policy, of social structure, or of the relationship between culture, law, and demographic behaviour. Although the journal mainly publishes material on the British Isles, we will consider local demographic studies of other parts of the world, and have recently published articles on, for example, Canada, Mexico and Sardinia.

We are especially keen to receive submissions from amateur and early career historians, including postgraduates.

If you would like more information, please get in touch with the editor, Andrew Hinde:

Style and submission

Articles should normally not exceed 7,000 words in length, and should follow the Local Population Studies Conventions. They should be sent, with an abstract and a short biographical note, to the LPS Editor, Andrew Hinde, at

We also welcome the submission of shorter pieces (usually 500 – 5,000 words), which can be published as either Research Notes or Miscellanea. They should also be submitted to the Editor and should follow the LPS Conventions.

Books for review

To suggest books for review, please email William Farrell (Book Reviews Editor):