LPS 98-103 (2017-2019)

Local Population Studies, Number 98 (Spring 2017)

Contents, contributors, editorial

Lyn Boothman, Rowena Burgess, Colin Pooley, Perspectives on Old Age and Ageing: Conference Report

Rosemary A. Leadbetter, Smallpox in Oxfordshire, 1700-99, and the Implications of Familial Transmission Routes

Tom Heritage, The Living Arrangements of Older people in the 1851 and 1891 Census Enumerators’ Books for Hertfordshire

H. M. Mac Boot, Using Census Returns and the Own-Children Method to Measure Marital Fertility in Rawtenstall, 1851–1901

F. Keith Geary, Population Movements in a Warwickshire Village 1841-1891: Bidford-on-Avon

Crichton Smith, Nick Parr, Nikola Balnave, Lucy Taksa and Brian Croke, Making New South Wales Religion, Education and Population Statistics Accessible

Book Reviews

Local Population Studies, Number 99 (Autumn 2017): The New Poor Law: Regional and Local Perspectives

Contents, contributors, correspondence

Andrew Hinde and Samantha Shave, Editorial

Steven King, Thinking and Rethinking the New Poor Law

Karen Rothery, ‘Who Do They Think They Are?’ An Analysis of the Boards of Guardians in Hertfordshire

Peter Jones, The New Poor Laws in Scotland, England and Wales: Comparative Perspectives

Alistair Ritch, New Poor Law Medical Care in the Local Health Economy

Cara Dobbing, The Circulation of Pauper Lunatics and the Transitory Nature of Mental Health Provision in Late Nineteenth Century Cumberland and Westmorland

Johanna Purser, The Workhouse Population of the Nottingham Union, 1881-1882

Simon A. Gallaher, Children and Families in the Workhouse Populations of the Antrim, Ballymena, and Ballymoney Poor Law Unions in the Mid Nineteenth Century

William Farrell and Andrew Hinde, Review of Recent Periodical Literature

Local Population Studies, Number 100 (Spring, 2018): Local Population Studies, Retrospect and Prospect

Contents, contributors, editorial

Lyn Boothroyd, Mike Kipling, LPSS Autumn Conference 2017

Richard Smith, Some Emerging Issues in the Demography of Medieval England and Prospects for their Future Investigation

E.A. Wrigley, The General and the Particular

Alysa Levene, The Future of Welfare History: the Local Perspective

Osamu Saito, Reflections on Local Population Studies and Social Science History

Colin G. Pooley, Local Histories of Migration and Mobility

Eilidh Garrett and Alice Reid, Composing a National Picture from Local Scenes: New and Future Insights into the Fertility Transition

Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure, Populations Past: an Interactive Atlas of Victorian and Edwardian Population

Book reviews

Local Population Studies, Number 101 (Autumn, 2018)

Contents, contributors, editorial

Lyn Boothman, Studying the Stayers: Kinship and Social Status in Long Melford, Suffolk, 1661–1861

Derek Morris and Ken Cozens, The Thames as a Barrier in the Eighteenth Century

Bethany Rowley, ‘We Will Never Forget You’: Christian Charities and the Rehabilitation of Disabled ex-Servicemen in Inter-War Leeds

William Farrell and Andrew Hinde, Review of Recent Periodical Literature

List of Articles and Other Contributions Published in Local Population Studies Issues 51-100

Local Population Studies, Number 102 (Spring 2019)

Contents, contributors, editorial

Conference report: Paul Tomblin and Lyn Boothman, Historical Sources and their Use in Local Population Studies

Conference report: Eilidh Garrett and Karen Rothery, ‘Let’s Talk of Graves’: Mortality and Graveyards, c.1700-c.1950

Chris Galley, Infant Mortality in England, 1538-2000: Trends, Methods and Sources

Dave Postles, Gender, Class and a Naming Process in the English Long Eighteenth Century: Leicestershire, c.1680-1836

Andrew Hinde, Local Population Studies in the Era of ‘Big Data’

Dave Maund, There and Back

Book Reviews

Local Population Studies, Number 103 (Autumn 2019)

Contents, contributors, editorial

Tiffany Haller Shumaker, Estimating Population Sizes and Demographic Trends in Ipswich c. 1570–1620: Re-Evaluations and New Approaches

Daniel James Gooch, ‘A Town Built on Migration?’ Calculating the Human Capital Value of Migration to Reading, 1851–1871

Andrew Hinde and Paul Tomblin, Local Population Studies using Parish Registers: Ideas for Future Research

Colin G. Pooley and Marilyn E. Pooley, Life Writing as a Source for Local Population History

William Farrell and Andrew Hinde, Review of Recent Periodical Literature

Chris Galley, Infant Mortality in England, 1538-2000: the Parish Register Period, 1538-1837