Roger Schofield Memorial Conference

We held our first ever online conference on Saturday 12 September, in memory of Roger Schofiled. The LPSS is very grateful to Dr Alice Reid and the University of Cambridge (Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure, Department of Geography) for hosting this event.

The speakers have kindly agreed that we can make the presentations available online, and you can see all the videos below (nb a technical issue means that a couple of the presentations were cut short by a few minutes). Most of the full papers are going to be published in Local Population Studies (you’ll need to be a subscriber).

Programme and presentations

Session 1

Richard Smith (Cambridge) “Roger Schofield, historian and demographer: an appreciation.”  

Jim Oeppen (Odense) “Genealogies as a Source for Demographic and Genetic Studies: some estimates of bias.”

Simon Szreter (Cambridge) “Early modern family, demography, economy and government policy.”

Session 2

Rosemary Leadbeater (Oxford Brookes) ‘I think it highly necessary to have it done before they go out into the World’; Inoculation, responsibility and patterns of familial transmission of smallpox in the eighteenth century.

Samantha Williams (Cambridge) “Plague and poor relief in Cambridge, 1665-66”

Session 3

David Cressy (Ohio, Claremont Graduate University) “Literacy, Social Structure, and Local Social Dramas”

David Levine (Toronto) “The Rich Past and Desiccated Future of Parish Register Demography”

DeLloyd Guth (Manitoba) “Taxation, Writs, and Populations: The One and the Many: Roger Schofield Measures History”