LPS 104-105 (2020)

Local Population Studies, Number 104 (Spring 2020)

Contents, contributors, editorial

Anne Coyne, Karen Rothery and Tom Heritage, Local Population Studies Society Autumn Conference 2019

Peter M. Solar, Background Migration Over Time: The Irish in Mid-Victorian Cornwall

Prisca Greenhow, A Comparison of Poor Relief in Norfolk and Huntingtonshire

Sue Jones, Religious Change and Baptismal Delays in Sixteenth-Century Non-Metropolitan Surrey

Book Reviews

Local Population Studies, Number 105 (Autumn 2020): Roger Schofield, 1937-2019

Contents, contributors, editorial

Richard Smith, Roger Schofield as Historian and Demographer: an Appreciation

Simon Szreter, Taking Forward Roger’s Interest in the Relationship between the Early Modern Family, Demography, Economy and Government Policy

Rosemary Leadbeater, ‘I Think it Highly Necessary to Have it Done Before They Go Out into the World’: Inoculation, Responsibility and Patterns of Familial Transmission of Smallpox

Samantha Williams, Plague and Poor Relief in Cambridge, 1665–1666

David Cressy, Literacy, Social Structure, and Local Social Dramas

David Levine, The Rich Past and Desiccated Future of Parish Register Demography

DeLloyd J. Guth, Taxation, Writs, and Populations—Roger Schofield Measures History

Robert Gant, Tenement Size and Social Difference: Reflections on Chepstow in 1901

Michael J. Slater, Cross-Correlation of Numbers of Baptisms and Burials in Sixteenth-Century Parish Registers: an Exploratory Analysis

William Farrell and Andrew Hinde, Review of Recent Periodical Literature