Household and Family in Past Time

Our 2022 Autumn conference looked back at Peter Laslett and Richard Wall’s Household and Family in Past Time, 50 years after its publication.

The Conference was held at the Cambridge Group for Population and Social Structure, in the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge and on Zoom. This meant we were able to record the papers and questions, and make them available to our members and the public online.

You can watch the whole conference on Youtube here, or see the page below for videos of the individual papers.

Whole conference

Mike Anderson, University of Edinburgh. Household and Family in Past Time 50 years on.

Maria Cannon, University of Portsmouth. Becoming independent: Childhood and youth in the early modern family.

Tom Heritage, Campop. Old Age and Household Structure in Mid-Victorian England and Wales.

Iain E. Riddell. Three Marwick inspired thoughts on the current Nature of Kinship study.

Laura Baggioli. Family Memory and Jewish Identity: collecting intergenerational oral history from Armistice to Brexit.

K. Schürer, H. Jaadla, A. Reid & E. Garrett. Regional variations in household and family structure and composition in Great Britain, 1851-1901.