LPSS spring conference

Wider still and wider… Local Population Studies in England and continental Europe

This year, we are organising our spring conference alongside the Southampton Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies. We’re going to hold the conference on Zoom on the afternoon of Saturday 17 April.

The conference is free, but you need to register by email in advance, and the Zoom access codes will be circulated just before the conference. You can find the full programme and registration form at the links below. For any other queries, please get in touch with Karen Rothery at conferences[at] .

We’re pleased to be showcasing the work being done on local population history by postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers in universities in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe.

We begin with the Society AGM at 1pm (British Summer Time), and will be finished just after 5.


13.00   Local Population Studies Society Annual General Meeting

14.00   Introduction

14.10 – 15.20   Session 1

  • From ICD-10 to a new nosological classification of causes of death in Transylvania, 1850-1920  Elena Crinela Holom and Nicoleta Hegedűs  (Babeş-Bolyai University/Romanian Academy, Cluj, Romania)
  • Comparing three sources to address institutional distortions in London’s infant mortality rates, 1896-1911     Sarah L. Rafferty (University of Cambridge, England)
  • Migrational flows to and from the northern inland of Sweden, 1880-1960             Samuel Sundvall, Glenn Sandström and Johan Junkka (Umeå University, Sweden)

15.20   Short break

15.30 – 16.15   Session 2

  • Births out of wedlock in eastern Croatia from 1995-2015            Ivan Ivić and Dubravka Spevec (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Height’s association with fertility outcomes: the case of the Dutch, birth years 1850 -1900 Kristina Thompson, Xander Koolman and France Portrait (Vrije Universiteit       Amsterdam, Netherlands)

16.15 Even shorter break

16.20 – 17.05   Session 3

  • The female labour force participation in the textile company towns of Catalonia in the early twentieth century Lisard Palau Elcacho (University of Barcelona)
  • The return of the King: political conflict and female labour force participation    Xanthi Tsoukli (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark)

17.05 – 17.10   Concluding remarks