Paths to marriage: courtship in England and Wales, c.1700-c.1945

Saturday 26th October 2019, 9.30am-4pm. The Mawby Pavilion, Rewley House, Oxford, OX1 2JA

Join us at our Autumn conference covering marriage and courtship from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. Topics include regional courtship practices, romance, interracial marriage and migration for marriage.

Rewley House, Oxford

Steve King (Leicester) ‘”The marriage was done to her”: regional cultures of courtship 1780s to early 1900s’

Angela Muir (Leicester) ‘Romantic pursuits? Courtship and coercion in eighteenth-century Wales’

Rachael Jones, (Leicester) ‘Maria Russell and Syed Ameer Ali: an inter-racial relationship in Victorian London’

K. Schürer (Leicester) ‘How far will some people go to marry? Courtship and distance in the early 20th century’

Stephanie Ward (Cardiff) ‘“The old old game of man and woman chase”: Courting, romance, and attraction in south Wales, 1920

Marriage a la mode: the Tete a Tete, by William Hogarth, c1743. A couple pictured shortly after their wedding.
Marriage a la mode: the Tete a Tete, by William Hogarth, c1743

Lynne Pearce, ‘(Lancaster) ‘”Walking Out”: the mobilities of courtship in two World War II diaries’

Colin Pooley (Lancaster) ‘”I thought I would faint he kissed me so much and I only knew I was kissing him back and loving it”: changing representations of courtship and romance in nineteenth- and twentieth-century British life writing’

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