LPS 106-107 (2021)

Local Population Studies, Number 107 (Autumn 2021)

Contents, contributors, editorial, conference report (spring 2021), conference report (autumn 2021)

Sue Jones, ‘Big Data’ and Parish Registers: a Case Study of Mortality in Early Modern Non-Metropolitan Surrey.

Paul Schoon, The Bedfordshire Demographic Crisis of 1727-1731: some Evidence of Differentiated Socially Selective Mortality.

Lisard Palau Elcacho, A Short Note on Women’s Work in the Textile Industrial Colonies of Inland Catalonia in the Early Twentieth Century.

Andrea Corsale, Geopolitical Conflicts seen through Transnational Identities: a Case from the Ukrainian Community in Cagliari, Italy.

Prisca Greenhow, Sparrow Catching in Mattishall, Norfolk in the Early Nineteenth Century.

William Farrell and Andrew Hinde, Review of Recent Periodical Literature

Chris Galley, Infant Mortality in England, 1538-2000: Decline in the Twentieth Century. [Open Access] 

Local Population Studies, Number 106 (Spring 2021)

Contents, contributors, editorial

Marion R. Hardy, The Seasonality of Marriages and Baptisms in some Devon Seafaring Parishes

Dave Postles, Literacy and Locality in Two Midlands Industrialising Places, 1754-1812

Cathy Day, Illegitimacy and its Effects on Marriage Prospects in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Rural England

Sarah L. Rafferty, Can Indirect Estimation Methods and the Medical Officer of Health Reports ‘Correct’ Distorted Infant Mortality Rates Reported by the Registrar General? The Case of London, 1896–1911

Book Reviews

Chris Galley, Infant Mortality in England, 1538-2000: Stability and the Beginnings of Change, 1837-1910 [Open Access]