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Local Population Studies Society

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the Local Population Studies Society (LPSS) is the publications committee and is responsible for the journal Local Population Studies, the publications programme and this website.

The current board (with dates of joining in brackets) is comprised of:

Editor: Jonathan Healey (2008)

Board Members:

Heather Falvey (2014) William Farrell (2015)
Chris Galley (2002) Andrew Hinde (1997)
Christine Jones (2005)Rebecca Oakes (2011)
Samantha Shave (2014)Annie Tindley (2015)

Code of Conduct

Local Population Studies maintains the highest ethical standards. All contributors and reviewers should adhere to the COPE Code of Conduct. More info can be found on the COPE website.

Former members of the editorial board are:

Tom Arkell (1988-2002), David Avery (1968-1979), Colin Barham (1968-1978), Christopher Charlton (1968-1996), Michael Drake (1979-1986), Martin Ecclestone (1997-2005), Peter Franklin (1999-2011), Mark Freeman (2010-2013), Eilidh Garrett (1999-2007), Nigel Goose (1997-2013), Andy Gritt (1999-2008), Terence (Terry) Gwynne (1977-1998), Mary Hodges (1995-1996), Janet Hudson (2005-2011), Steve King (1999-2005), Alysa Levene (2008-2013), Lien Luu (2003-2005), Dennis Mills (1993-1995), Graham Mooney (2002-2003), Tom Nutt (2005-2008), May Pickles (1979-1996) Roger Schofield (1968-1997), Kevin Schürer (1985-2005), Malcolm Smith (1988-1991), Geoffrey Stevenson (1985-1999), Jon Stobart (2005-2013), Derek Turner (1972-1976),Nicola Verdon (2011), Richard Wall (1971-1985), Matthew Woollard (1997-2009).

Contact us at:

Last updated: August 2016.

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