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The Local Population Studies Society has published a number of books on historical demography which are aimed at both the general and the academic reader. The cheapest way of purchasing any of these right now, is to download the order form, write in what you want and send a cheque for the appropriate amount to the LPSS General Office. The postal address can be found on the Contacts page. This is the most convenient way to purchase if you are in the U.K. If, however, you want to use a credit card, for most items, you can purchase through Amazon, but they will charge you a slight premium.

Women's work in industrial England: regional and local perspectives, edited by Nigel Goose.

A collection of fifteen essays on women’s work in industrial England, incorporating some of the more important new research recently undertaken together with a number of previously published articles that deserve fuller exposure. Prefaced by an overview of the field, the volume includes chapters on agriculture, centralised industry, cottage industry, domestic service, business, alternative medicine and the impact of marital status, as well as some key methodological debates. The whole volume is underpinned by insistence upon the crucial importance of the adoption of regional and local perspectives in any attempt properly to understand women’s work in industrial England.

£14.95 ISBN 0 9541621 1 0 (2007). To order contact:
Cover of Women's work book

Cover of Higgs' book Life, death and statistics. Civil registration, censuses and the work of the General Register Office, 1836–1952 by Edward Higgs.

This volume is a history of the key institution in the production of demographic data in England and Wales in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The book places the work of the GRO in a broad intellectual, institutional and political framework, and shows how this influenced and constrained the information it published. Life, Death and Statistics will be of interest to anyone concerned with the modern historical demography, and social and economic history of England and Wales.

£12.50 ISBN 0 9541621 0 2 (2004). To order contact: or order from

Rural community history from trade directories by Dennis Mills.

Dennis Mills' introductory work on trade directories discusses both the contexts of rural community history in which trade or commercial directories of the nineteenth century can be employed, and demonstrates the concepts of self-sufficiency, interdependency between villages and the relationship between towns and country. Rural community history from trade directories is aimed at those starting research on community history and will be of value to all rural historians of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

£6.00 ISBN 09503951 9 6 (2001). To order contact: or order from
Image of Mills' book

image of cover of Probate book When death do us part: understanding and interpreting the probate records of early modern England, edited by Tom Arkell, Nesta Evans and Nigel Goose.

The seventeen essays contained in this volume provide a unique insight into the probate records of early modern England. These essays include discussion of the legal context that generated these records, the uses and potential for historical studies of wills, inventories and accounts, and a number of case studies to demonstrate their historical value. With its emphasis upon method, approach and interpretation, this book will be of value to a wide audience, including historians experienced in the use of these sources as well as those new to them. Its readership will therefore encompass academics and students in universities and colleges, as well as local and family historians engaged in the investigation of particular communities.

£14.50 ISBN 09049204 2 9 (2000). To order contact: or order from

Parish register aggregate analyses by Roger Schofield

Parish register aggregate analyses is essentially a vast database of all the aggregative parish register analysis data for the 404 parishes under observation in Wrigley and Schofield's Population history of England. These data provide monthly totals for vital events across 404 parishes in England. The CD is accompanied by a user guide, suggesting ways in which they could be put to further use by local historians.

£7.00 ISBN 0 9503951 8 8 (1998). To order contact:
Image of Schofield's book

Image of Mills and Schurer's book Local communities in the Victorian census enumerators' books, edited by Dennis R. Mills and Kevin Schürer.

Census enumerators' books are one of the key documentary sources for the study of the Victorian and Edwardian period. This key text is divided into six parts, each developing one of the themes of: the enumeration process, population and demography; employment and occupations; migration and population turnover; family and household structure and residential patterns. Each part is introduced by a thematic chapter and is completed by a number of chapters based on articles originally published in Local Population Studies.

£12.50 ISBN 0 904920 33 X (1996). To order contact: or order from

Surveying the people: the interpretation and use of document sources for the study of population in the later seventeenth century, edited by Kevin Schürer and Tom Arkell

Surveying the people examines four key sources for the study of population in the later seventeenth century; the assessments and returns for the Hearth Tax, the Compton census, the Poll taxes and Marriage Duty Acts. It provides details of the legislative background and administrative framework for these sources and discusses some of the main problems involved in their use and interpretation. Further chapters illustrate how these sources can be used for research.

£10.00 ISBN 0 904920 24 0 (1992). To order contact:
Image of Surveying the people book

Image of Plague  book The plague reconsidered: a new look at its origins and its effects in sixteenth and seventeenth century England

The nine essays in The plague reconsidered make a substantial contribution to the history of plague in sixteenth and seventeenth century England. The topics range from medical aspects of the plague to local studies of the incidence of plague epidemics in Bristol, Eyam and Colyton. Also included is a further case study attempting to interpret the geographical spread of plague, based on evidence of the London plague of 1603.

£5.00 ISBN 0 905476 03 4 (1977). To order contact:

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