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Author index to Local Population Studies, 1968-1998.

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A Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Alcock, Nat The overcrowding survey LPS 29 Corresp. 1983 31
Allen, M. Birthplaces in the 1881 census Corresp. 1997 58
Ambler, R. W. Protestation returns Corresp. 1985 35
Ambler, R. W. Baptism and christening. Custom and practice in nineteenth-century Lincolnshire Article 1974 12
Ambler, R. W. Civil registration and baptism: popular perceptions of the 1836 Act for registering births, deaths and marriages Article 1987 39
Ambler, Rod Comment on 'baptism and christening' Corresp. 1974 13
Anderson, Michael Mis-specification of servant occupations in the 1851 census: a problem revisited Progress 1998 60
Anderson, Michael (see Collins, Brenda)    
Andorka, Rudolf Birth control in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in some Hungarian villages Article 1979 22
Andrews, E. G. An East End immigrant baptism bulge in 1837? Corresp. 1979 23
Andrews, Philip Local population studies in schools, colleges and groups Corresp. 1974 13
Arkell, Tom Multiplying factors for estimating population totals from the Hearth Tax Article 1982 28
Arkell, Tom Forename frequency in 1851 Progress 1991 47
Arkell, Tom Identifying the census enumerators—Cornwall in 1851 Progress 1994 53
Arkell, Tom and Anne Whiteman Mean household size in Mid-Tudor England: Clackclose Hundred, Norfolk Article 1998 60
Arkell, V. T. J. An enquiry into the frequency of the parochial registration of catholics in a seventeenth-century Warwickshire parish Article 1972 9
Armstrong, David Birth, marriage and death in Elizabethan Cumbria Article 1994 53
Ashurst, Dennis St Mary's church, Worsbrough, South Yorkshire: a review of the accuracy of a parish register Article 1995 55
Association of County Archivists Security in record offices: the county archive research network N&Q 1988 40
Avery, David Male occupations in a rural Middlesex parish (1574–92) Report 1969 2
Avery, David Plague monuments N&Q 1969 2
Avery, David The Tottenham Moniers Corresp. 1969 3

B Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Barham, Colin and Roger Schofield Extracts from the parish register of Barming, Kent Miscellany 1984 33
Barker, Allison E. The Kelsale wonder N&Q 1981 26
Barker, D. J. P. Records of infant welfare clinics or day nurseries from 1910 to 1930 Corresp. 1986 37
Barker, Rosalin Comparing demographic experience: Harwich and Whitby, 1750–1800 Article 1991 46
Barnardiston, Bertha K. Bastards of Bromley Corresp. 1968 1
Barnardiston, Bertha K. Clerical revenues Corresp. 1969 2
Barnes, Patricia M. The cost of photocopying services at the Public Record Office Corresp. 1983 30
Beattie, Esther E. An unusual occupation Corresp. 1978 20
Bedells, John The gentry of Huntingdonshire Article 1990 44
Bellingham, Roger A. The registration of births, marriages and deaths. What the future holds Corresp. 1986 36
Bellingham, Roger A. The use of marriage horizons to measure migration: some conclusions from a study of Pocklington, East Yorkshire in the late eighteenth century Progress 1990 44
Benjamin, E. A. The Penarth census project Corresp. 1979 23
Benjamin, E. Alwyn Intervals between deaths and burials in the nineteenth century Corresp. 1982 28
Benjamin, E. Alwyn Human afflictions noted in the population censuses Corresp. 1986 37
Bennison, Brian Drunkenness in turn-of-the-century Newcastle-upon-Tyne Article 1994 52
Benson, Brian and Richard Wall Historical demography in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the absence of civil registers Article 1981 26
Benson, Brian W. The modern rise of population by Thomas McKeown. A review. N&Q 1976 17
Bentley, E. W. Abnormally high sex ratio during 1568–1600 N&Q 1983 30
Benwell, R. M. & G. A. The Llandyrnog householder's schedules for the 1851 census Corresp. 1982 28
Bishop, John H. Parish registers: access and preservation Corresp. 1970 55
Blackman, Janet M. Seventeenth-century Midland midwifery—a comment N&Q 1972 9
Blaikie, Andrew Infant survival chances, unmarried motherhood and domestic arrangements in rural Scotland, 1845–1945 Article 1998 60
Bond, David The Compton census—Peterborough Misc. 1973 10
Boorman, William H. Smallpox in eighteenth century Winchester N&Q 1968 1
Boothman, Lyn On the accuracy of a late sixteenth-century parish register Progress 1992 49
Boothman, Lyn Long Melford parish registers Corresp. 1993 50
Boulton, Jeremy Unbaptised children in the registers of St. Saviour's, Southwark Corresp. 1979 23
Boulton, Jeremy Sex ratios Corresp. 1980 25
Boulton, Jeremy Economy of time? Wedding days and the working week in the past Article 1989 43
Bradley, Leslie Estimates of population size: Hearth tax N&Q 1968 1
Bradley, Leslie Techniques and terminology Corresp. 1969 2
Bradley, Leslie Marriage seasonality—May marriages N&Q 1969 3
Bradley, Leslie An enquiry into seasonality in baptisms, marriages and burials. Part one: introduction. Methodology and marriages Article 1970 4
Bradley, Leslie An enquiry into seasonality in baptisms, marriages and burials. Part two: baptism seasonality Article 1970 5
Bradley, Leslie An enquiry into seasonality in baptisms, marriages and burials. Part three: burial seasonality Article 1971 6
Bradley, Leslie A comment on 'Has LPS become too technical?' Corresp. 1971 6
Bradley, Leslie The exchange of ideas Corresp. 1972 9
Bradley, Leslie Smallpox: a difference of opinion N&Q 1973 10
Bradley, Leslie Common law marriage: a possible cause of under-registration N&Q 1973 11
Bradley, Leslie The smallpox controversy Corresp 1974 12
Bradley, Leslie Comment on 'the smallpox controversy' Corresp. 1974 13
Bradley, Leslie Local Population Studies conference, Knuston Hall, Irchester, 9–11 July 1976 N&Q 1976 16
Bradley, Leslie A note on Statistical studies of historical social structure by K. W. Watcher, E. A. Hammel and P. Laslett. N&Q 1981 26
Bradley, Leslie The population history of England, 1541–1871: a reconstruction. A review N&Q 1981 27
Bradshaw, Jane Prohibited areas Corresp. 1985 34
Branson, James W. Seasonality of baptism (LPS 5) Corresp. 1971 6
Brayshay, Mark Depopulation and changing household structure in the mining communities of West Cornwall, 1851-71 Article 1980 25
Brent, Colin Devastating epidemic in the countryside of Eastern Sussex between harvest years 1558 and 1640 Article 1975 14
Bristow, Brian R. Population and housing in nineteenth-century urban Lancashire: a framework for investigation Article 1985 34
Brown, James The literacy of prisoners in Norwich Castle gaol Corresp. 1981 27
Brown, Roger Lee The days before Somerset House N&Q 1982 29
Brown, W. Newman A note on the linking of information from the registers of four parishes N&Q 1979 22
Bruce, Kevin Civil registers and parish register under-registration Corresp. 1972 9
Buck, Jo-Ann Readers' letters LPS 34. Cheney's Handbook of dates Corresp. 1985 35
Bull, G. B. G. Minutes of defunct Rural District Councils as sources of historical demography Corresp. 1974 13
Bulmer, John 1801 Census of Warwick Corresp. 1981 27
Burrough, Bryan Fines for burials in linen Corresp. 1978 21
Burrows, K. E. Estimating population totals from the Hearth tax and Compton census Corresp. 1993 50
Burton, V. C. A floating population: vessel enumeration returns in censuses, 1851–1921 Article 1987 38
Bush, Peter W. A course on the historical geography of population in England Corresp. 1978 21

C Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Camp, Anthony J. Access to census returns Corresp. 1986 37
Capewell, Janice Some useful sources Corresp. 1975 14
Capp, Bernard Will formularies N&Q 1975 14
Chadwick, Peter 1891 Cheshire census project Corresp. 1993 50
Chamberlaine-Brothers, R. J. The use of scalograms Corresp. 1972 9
Chambers, J. D. Comment on smallpox in eighteenth century Winchester N&Q 1968 1
Chambers, J. D. Some aspects of E. A. Wrigley's Population and History Article 1969 3
Chamoux, Antoinette Town and child in eighteenth-century Rheims N&Q 1974 13
Champion, Bill The Shrewsbury Frankpledge Corresp. 1994 53
Champion, W. A. A case of 'bundling' in late-sixteenth century Shropshire N&Q 1985 35
Champion, W. A. The Frankpledge population of Shrewsbury, 1500–1720 Article 1988 41
Charlton, Christopher Churchwardens and their registers Corresp. 1981 27
Charlton, Christopher The fight against vaccination: the Leicester demonstration of 1885 Miscellany 1983 30
Charlton, Christopher The National Health Society Almanack, 1883 Miscellany 1984 32
Charlton, Christopher Bag in hand, and with a provision of papers for an emergency—An impression of the 1891 census from the pages of some contemporary newspapers Miscellany 1991 47
Clappinson, Mary (see Whiteman, Anne)    
Clark, Gillian A study of nurse children, 1550–1770 Article 1987 39
Clark, Peter Small towns in Britain—research project Corresp. 1985 34
Clark, Peter and Adrian Watson Small towns in England research project Corresp. 1989 42
Clarkson, L. A. Household and family structure in Armagh City, 1770 Article 1978 20
Cole, W. A. Occupational analysis: a plea to readers Corresp. 1992 49
Collins, Brenda Early evidence of Irish immigration to Scotland: a note on a catholic parish register Article 1984 32
Collins, Brenda and Michael Anderson The administration of the 1851 census in the county of East Lothian Article 1978 20
Collins, Harry Age at baptism in pre-industrial England Corresp. 1977 19
Collins, Harry The pattern of poor law removals in Nottinghamshire in the early nineteenth century N&Q 1981 27
Cook, Mary Birth-baptism intervals in some Flintshire parishes N&Q 1980 24
Cooke, David Photocopying charges at the Public Record Office Corresp. 1982 29
Cooper, Ann Records of hiring fairs and servant testimonials Corresp 1973 11
Copley, Amanda Another word for prostitute? Corresp. 1987 39
Coppel, Stephen Willmaking on the deathbed Article 1988 40
Couth, Willliam Constables' and churchwardens' accounts of Waltham-on-the-Wolds Corresp. 1982 29
Crafts, N. F. R. Eighteenth-century local population studies in the context of aggregate estimates for England and Wales Article 1974 13
Craig, John Margaret Spitlehouse, female scrivener Progress 1991 46
Craig, W. J. Yorkshire migrants Corresp. 1984 33
Crawford, Patricia Attitudes to pregnancy from a woman's spiritual diary, 1687-8 N&Q 1978 21
Creasy, John S. Female blacksmiths Corresp. 1980 25
Creaton, H. J. Centre for Metropolitan history Corresp. 1987 38
Cressey, David Social status and literacy in north east England, 1560–1630 Article 1978 21
Cressey, David 154 years old? Corresp. 1985 35
Cressey, David Occupations, migration and literacy in East London, 1580–1640 Article 1970 5
Critchlow, M. J. Civil registration data under the Elementary Education Act (1876) Corresp. 1981 27
Culling, H. The Liverpool Record Office: a testimonial from a satisfied customer Corresp. 1981 26
Cunningham, Carole Christ's Hospital: infant and child mortality in the sixteenth century Article 1977 18

D Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Danhieux, Luc Literate or semi-literate? N&Q 1977 18
Davey, Claire A note on mobility in an Essex parish in the early nineteenth century Progress 1988 41
Davies, R. (see Pearce, Carol)    
Davis, Virginia Medieval English ordination lists—a London case study Progress 1993 50
Dewhurst, Stephen and Andrew Hinde Age at baptism in rural Hampshire in the second half of the nineteenth century Progress 1996 57
Dickinson, Patric The Scottish example Corresp. 1970 5
Dickinson, Robert Census and census-type documents N&Q 1969 3
Doe, Jane Is this how you see LPS? Corresp. 1978 20
Doolittle, Ian G. Age at baptism: further evidence N&Q 1980 24
Drackley, J. O. M for .........? [1] Corresp. 1969 2
Drake, Michael An irish story N&Q 1984 32
Drake, Michael Non-conformist registration in Halifax area Corresp. 1987 38
Duchesne, Louis Weekly patterns in demographic events (with examples from Canada and England) N&Q 1975 14
Duckworth-Barker, V. Weavers' reading habits Corresp. 1970 4
Duffy, K. S. An approach to parish register and census work Article 1970 5
Duncan, C. J. (see Scott, S.)    
Duncan, Ronald I. The Tyne and Wear Archive Users' Consulatative Council Corresp. 1981 26
Duncan, S. R. (see Scott, S.)    
Dunhill, Rosemary The Hampshire Record Office: fees for access to records not in mind Corresp. 1983 31
Dunhill, Rosemary The LPS position on charges for the use of archives Corresp. 1987 38
Dunhill, Rosemary Archive services in danger Corresp. 1991 47
Dunn, F. I. Commemorating civil registration Corresp. 1987 38
Durant, David N. Recent publications Corresp. 1969 2
Durant, David N. Is LPS too technical? Corresp. 1972 8
Duxbury, Arthur A query about chapelries Corresp. 1990 44
Dyer , Jenny The child population of Ladywood and Edgbaston, 1851 Article 1991 47
Dyer, Alan Seasonality of baptisms: an urban approach Article 1981 27
Dyer, Alan Epidemics of measles in a seventeenth-century English town Article 1985 34
Dyer, Alan The Bishop's census of 1563: its significance and accuracy Article 1992 44
Dymond, David Infanticide Corresp. 1977 19
Dymond, David The famine of 1527 in Essex Article 1981 26

E Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
East London History Group The population of Stepney in the early seventeenth century: a report on an analysis of the parish registers of Stepney, 1606-1610 Article 1969 3
Eccles, Audrey Abortion, infanticide and pleading one's belly Corresp 1974 12
Edgar, Michael J. Occupational diversity in seven rural parishes in Dorset, 1851 Progress 1994 52
Editorial board of LPS Editorial comment on parish register accuracy Article 1995 55
Edwards, W. J. National parish register data: an evaluation of the comprehensiveness of the areal cover Article 1976 17
Edwards, W. J. National marriage data: a re-aggregation of John Rickman's marriage returns Article 1976 17
Edwards, W. J. Marriage seasonality, 1761-1810: an assessment of patterns in seventeen Shropshire marriages Article 1977 19
Edwards, W. J. The definition of 'prohibited areas' Article 1987 38
Edwards, W. J. Remarriage: some preliminary findings Article 1987 39
Elliott, Vivien Age information in marriage bonds Corresp 1973 11
Engerman, Stanley The height of slaves in the United States N&Q 1976 16
Escott, Margaret M. Headstones for the poor Corresp. 1986 36
Escott, Margaret M. Residential mobility in a late eighteenth-century parish: Binfield, Berkshire, 1779–1801 Article 1988 40
Evans, N. R. Testators, literacy, education and religious belief Article 1980 25
Evans, Nesta A new approach to the study of marriage horizons Corresp. 1983 30

F Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Falla, Trevor Further material for eighteenth-century mobility N&Q 1981 26
Farr, M. W. County record office closures Corresp. 1981 27
Farr, M. W. Baptised incognito? Corresp. 1989 42
Farrar, Michael Access to civil registers Corresp. 1984 33
Farrer, J. M. Access to records Corresp. 1971 7
Faulkner, Evelyn Powerless to prevent him'. Attitudes of married working-class women in the 1920s and the rise of sexual power Article 1992 49
Fieldhouse, R. The 1811 census for Thirsk N&Q 1971 7
Fieldhouse, Roger Social structure from Tudor lay subsidies and probate inventories. A case study: Richmondshire (Yorkshire) Article 1974 12
Fildes, Valerie A call for help Corresp. 1992 48
Finlay, Roger Distance to church and registration experience Article 1980 24
Forde, Helen In search of nonconformity Corresp. 1972 8
Foster, David Mobility and economy in new towns: the case of Fleetwood Article 1975 14
Foster, Derek Smallpox Corresp. 1970 4
Foster, G. A. Early protestation returns Corresp. 1997 59
Foster, Janet An introductory guide to hospital records Article 1990 45
Franklin, Peter Normans, saints, and politics: forename-choice among fourteenth-century Gloucestershire peasants Article 1986 36
Franklin, Peter Heriots and deaths in medieval England Progress 1990 45
Franklin, Peter Gloucestershire's medieval taxpayers Article 1995 54
Freeth, Stephen London Diocesan Record Office Corresp. 1990 45

G Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Galley, Chris One face, one voice, one habit, and two persons! The survival of twins in early modern society Miscellany 1993 51
Gardner, Michael Population decline in St. Kilda, 1856–1891 Article 1986 36
Garner, Andrew The use of census enumerators' returns in local history studies: an extra-curricular schoolroom project Article 1983 30
Gatley, D. A. 1851 and 1861 printed census volumes for England and Wales Corresp. 1994 53
Gatley, David A. Computerising the 1861 census abstracts and vital registration statistics Article 1997 58
Geddes, Sandie Marking the millennium Corresp. 1998 60
Gerrish, Margaret Following the fish to Grimsby Article 1993 50
Gibson, J. S. W. Microfilm copies of Registration indexes Corresp. 1989 42
Gillies, Alan The hundred years rule Corresp. 1979 22
Gillies, Alan Female blacksmiths Corresp. 1979 23
Glyn-Jones, Anne The repopulation of the countryside in Devon and Cornwall Article 1991 46
Goadby, F. R. L. Shrewsbury butchers and fish merchants; and the cover illustration, LPS 31 Corresp. 1984 33
Goadby, F. R. L. 1542 Muster Rolls Corresp. 1971 6
Goadby, F. R. L. An early Oxfordshire maternity home Corresp. 1977 19
Goadby, F. R. L. The meaning of 'alias'. Interpreting handwriting Corresp. 1979 22
Goadby, F. R. L. Game, set and match (LPS 22, editor's note) Corresp. 1979 23
Goodacre, jnr, Jno. The reliability of the Compton Census Corresp. 1975 14
Goose, Nigel The ecclesiastical returns of 1563: a cautionary note N&Q 1985 34
Goose, Nigel The Bishop's census of 1563: a re-examination of its reliability Article 1996 56
Goose, Nigel Hertfordshire in 1851 reviewed Corresp. 1997 58
Gordus, Adon A. Hair Corresp 1973 11
Gosling, N. F. Christian names—an appeal for help Corresp. 1977 18
Gosling, W. F. A survey of Christian names Corresp. 1978 20
Gough, Harold Seasonality in parish registers Corresp 1974 12
Gough, Harold Memorial tablet in Hatherleigh parish church Corresp. 1979 22
Gough, Harold East Kent monsters Corresp. 1982 28
Gough, Harold Travellers' and artisans' allowances Corresp. 1982 29
Gough, Harold John Opie's registration of birth Corresp. 1983 30
Graham, A. B. Access to civil registers Corresp 1973 11
Graham, David The use of published population census burgh ward data for local population studies: Dundee, 1901–1971 Article 1997 58
Grant, Robert Employment and migration: a study from civil registration records N&Q 1977 18
Gray, V. W. County record office closures: the archivist's dilemmas Corresp. 1980 25
Greenwood, J. Jeremy Another early historical demographer Corresp. 1982 28
Greenwood, J. Jeremy Miss Morrison's comments on chrisom children (LPS 32) Corresp. 1984 33
Greenwood, Jeremy A lost seventeenth century demographic crisis: rural Surrey N&Q 1979 23
Gwynne, Terence A new consultative process: the Archive Users Consultative Council of Tyne and Wear County Council Corresp. 1976 16
Gwynne, Terence Local population studies: an educational role? N&Q 1977 18
Gwynne, Terry Local population studies in schools Article 1982 28

H Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Hair, P. E. H Bridal pregnancy Corresp. 1973 10
Hair, P. E. H A note on the incidence of Tudor suicide Article 1970 5
Hair, P. E. H. A query about chapelries N&Q 1989 42
Hair, P. E. H. Homicide, infanticide, and child assault in late Tudor Middlesex N&Q 1972 9
Hair, P. E. H. Tudor seamen—an appeal Progress 1996 56
Hair, P. E. H. and C. B. Phillips The Cheshire parish register transcription project, 1978–1989 Progress 1989 43
Hair, Paul African ancestory in Britain Progress 1992 48
Hallas, Christine Craft occupations in the late nineteenth century: some local considerations Article 1990 44
Hanley, Hugh Population mobility in Buckinghamshire, 1578–1583 Article 1975 15
Harrington, Duncan The smallpox controversy continued Corresp. 1975 14
Harrington, Duncan Smallpox innoculation deaths Corresp. 1977 18
Harrington, Duncan Record office charges for access Corresp. 1981 27
Harrington, Duncan W. A test to establish the accuracy of early civil registration Corresp 1973 11
Harrington, Duncan W. Baptised incognito? Corresp. 1988 40
Harris, Anne Christian names in Soilihull, Warwickshire and Yardley, Warwickshire Article 1977 19
Harvey, J. C. Pre-1841 census schedules Corresp. 1973 10
Harvey, Richard Did the Commonwealth Act of 1653 lapse in 1657? Corresp. 1981 26
Heffernan, Michael J. Literacy and geographical mobility in nineteenth century France: some evidence from the département of Ille-et-Vilaine Article 1989 42
Henstock, Adrian House repopulation from the census returns of 1841 and 1851 Article 1973 10
Henstock, Adrian 'Genealogical' register entries in Nottingham parishes Corresp. 1980 25
Henstock, Adrian An unusual nineteenth-century census Corresp. 1970 5
Henstock, Adrian Access to records: LPS 3 and 5 Corresp. 1971 6
Herlan, Ronald W. Age at baptism in the London parish of St. Olave, Old Jewry, 1645–1667 N&Q 1980 24
Higgs, Edward The tabulation of occupations in the nineteenth-century census, with special reference to domestic servants Article 1982 28
Hinde, Andrew (see Dewhurst, Stephen)    
Hinde, P. R. A. Household structure, marriage and the institution of service in nineteenth-century rural England Article 1985 35
Hindson, James The Marriage Duty Acts and the social topography of the early modern town—Shrewsbury, 1695–8 Article 1983 31
Hindson, James Comment on Shrewsbury butchers and fish merchants Corresp. 1984 33
Hirst, David A note on early school medical service statistics N&Q 1990 44
Hoare, J. E. The 1881 census project Corresp. 1990 54
Hole, Margaret The correlation between census and parish register data Corresp 1973 11
Hole, Margaret Light on daily life in the late eighteenth century Corresp. 1977 19
Holman, J. R. Orphans in pre-industrial towns—the case of Bristol in the late seventeenth century Article 1975 15
Horn, C. A. and P. Horn The social structure of an 'industrial' community: Ivinghoe in Buckinghamshire in 1871 Article 1983 31
Horn, P. (see Horn C. A.)    
Houston, R. A. Colliers with colic? N&Q 1979 22
Houston, R. A. Parish listings and social structure: Penninghame and Whithorn (Wigtownshire) in perspective Article 1979 23
Houston, R. A. Age at marriage of Scottish women, circa 1660–1770 N&Q 1989 43
Howlett, Neil M. Family and household in a nineteenth-century Devon village Article 1983 30
Hughes, E. M. Commemorating civil registration Corresp. 1987 38
Humphreys, Robert Mortality crises in sixteenth-century Dorking Article 1987 39
Hunter, Alan Marriage horizons and seasonality: a comparison Article 1985 35
Hyde, R. G. 1851 census studies Corresp. 1975 14

I Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Ingram, M. J. The historical study of climate: a report on the work of the climate research unit at the University of East Anglia Article 1978 21

J Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Jack, Sybil An early marriage certificate Corresp. 1979 23
Jackson, S. and Paul Laxton Of such as are of riper years? A note on age at baptism Article 1977 18
Jacobs, Derek Seasonal variation patterns in baptisms and burials for Ruislip, Middlesex Article 1992 48
James, Maureen The Lancashire population crisis of 1623—further comment N&Q 1986 37
Jarvis, Claire The reconstitution of nineteenth-century rural communities Article 1993 51
John, Trevor Population change in medieval Warwickshire: Domesday Book to the Hundred Rolls of 1279–1280 Article 1997 59
Johnston, J. A. Local population studies in schools, colleges and groups Corresp 1974 12
Johnston, J. A. Group research methods in local history Article 1971 6
Jones, A. G. E. Is LPS too technical? Corresp. 1972 8
Jones, Arthur The inconsistent use of the surnames Andrews and Anderson Corresp. 1976 17
Jones, B. C. Coroner's inquests (LPS 4) Corresp. 1970 5
Jones, B. C. Good news from the Cumbria Record Offices Corresp. 1981 26
Jones, Jane Counting marriages Corresp. 1994 53
Jones, Joan The standardisation of census analysis Corresp. 1972 9
Jones, L. J. (see Palliser, D. M. )    
Jones, Melvyn Combining estate records with census enumerators' books to study nineteenth century communities: the case of the Tankersley ironstone miners, c.1850. Article 1988 41
Jones, R. E. Population and agrarian change in an eighteenth century Shropshire village Article 1968 1
Jones, R. E. Book owners in eighteenth century Scotland: a note on subscription lists in books edited by John Howie N&Q 1979 23

K Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Keir, A. J. W. Handbook of dates—C. R. Cheyney Corresp. 1986 36
Kelvin, Patricia Family breakdown Corresp. 1991 46
Kent, David A. Gone for a soldier': family breakdown and the demography of desertion in a London parish, 1750–1791 Article 1990 45
Kent, Joan R. Population mobility and alms: poor migrants in the Midlands during the early seventeenth century Article 1981 27
King, Steve Profitable pursuits? Rural industry and mortality in the proto-industrial West Riding, 1650–1830 Article 1997 59
Knodel, John An exercise in household composition for use in courses in historical demography Article 1979 23
Knowling, Elizabeth A list of the inhabitants of Buckfastleigh, Devon, in 1698 N&Q 1985 34

L Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Labbett, Beverley Local population study in schools (4): computer aided study Article 1983 31
Lasker, Gabriel (see Souden, David)    
Laslett, P. A comment on"Rules for the religious conduct of a family" Miscellany 1998 60
Laslett, Peter Parental deprivation in the past: a note on the history of orphans in England Article 1974 13
Laslett, Peter Scottish weavers, cobblers and miners who bought books in the 1750s Campop 1969 3
Laslett, Peter The institution of service N&Q 1988 40
Laslett, Peter Individuals reaching late ages Corresp. 1988 40
Laxton, Paul (see Jackson, S.)    
Leneman, Leah The study of illegitimacy from Kirk session records: two eighteenth-century Perthshire parishes Article 1983 31
Levine, David De-industrialisation and changing marital habits in Colyton Corresp. 1974 13
Levine, David Siamese twins in the parish registers of Shepshed, Leicestershire N&Q 1981 26
Lewis, F. Studying urban mobility: the possibilities for family reconstitution Progress 1995 55
Lewis, Tom Parish poor children and nurse children in Enfield Corresp. 1984 33
Lloyd, L. C. Multiple births in Shropshire Article 1969 3
Lockhard, Douglas G. Chartulary books: a source for migration in Scotland, 1740–1850 N&Q 1978 21
Lodey, Joy A bigamous marriage? Corresp. 1979 23
Lodey, Joy Female blacksmiths Corresp. 1980 25
Long, Moira and Bessie Maltby Personal mobility in three West Riding parishes, 1777–1812 Article 1980 24
Long, Moira and May Pickles An enquiry into mortality in some mid-Wharfdale parishes in 1623 Article 1986 37
Lord, Evelyn Fairs, festivals and fertility in Alkmaar, north Holland, 1650–1810 Article 1989 42

M Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Maidment, Wm. R. Pre-1841 census schedules Corresp. 1972 9
Maltby, Bessie Easingwold marriage horizons Report 1969 2
Maltby, Bessie A hammer to crack a nut? A new approach to the study of marriage horizons, LPS 28 Corresp. 1983 31
Maltby, Bessie Parish registers and the problem of mobility Article 1971 6
Maltby, Bessie (see Long, Moira)    
Marshall, John Dr. Giles Howson Campop 1973 11
Marshall, Susan Finding nineteenth century census returns N&Q 1968 1
Martin, J. M. The rich, the poor and the migrant in eighteenth-century Stratford-on-Avon Article 1978 20
Martin, J. M. An investigation into the small size of the household, as exemplified by Stratford-on-Avon Article 1977 19
Martin, Michael How accurate is the Hearth Tax as a guide to population size Corresp. 1976 17
Massey, Margaret Baptism and christening Corresp. 1974 13
Massey, Margaret Has LPS become too technical? Corresp. 1971 6
Massey, Margaret Mortality pattern Corresp. 1971 7
Massey, Margaret Seasonality, some further thoughts N&Q 1972 8
Matlock Population Studies Group Wills and their scribes N&Q 1972 8
McCallum, Donald M. Age at baptism: further evidence N&Q 1980 24
McCallum, Donald M. Enumeration practice in 1871 Corresp. 1981 26
McGhie, Linda Patterns of consumption Corresp. 1997 58
McKechnie, Karen Scottish book buyers Corresp. 1970 5
McLee, Carol Information on a new FFHS project Corresp. 1993 50
McQuay, T. A. I. Childbirth deaths in Shipton-under-Wychwood, 1565–1665 Progress 1989 42
Medlycott, Mervyn A survey and guide of listings of inhabitants Progress 1991 46
Megson, Barbara Life expectations of the widows and orphans of freemen in London, 1375–1399 Article 1996 57
Mercer, E. D. Calendar of Middlesex county records: a reprint Corresp. 1973 10
Mid-Wharfdale Local History Research Group A comparison between the Craven muster roll and parish registers N&Q 1988 40
Millard, Jeremy A new approach to the study of marriage horizons Article 1982 28
Millard, Jeremy A reply from Jeremy Millard regarding marriage horizons Corresp. 1984 32
Mills, D. (see Pearce, Carol)    
Mills, Dennis R. The christening custom at Melbourne, Cambs. Article 1973 11
Mills, Dennis R. The lordless village Corresp. 1970 4
Mills, Joan Nurse children Corresp. 1985 35
Mooney, Graham Still-births and the measurement of urban infant mortality rates, c.1890–1930 Article 1994 53
Morrison, E. Chrisom children Corresp. 1984 32
Moss, Douglas Death in fifteenth-century Tottenham Article 1986 37
Munley, Angela Cheap microfilm for sale Corresp. 1994 52
Murex, C. R. Babbage to Tennyson Corresp. 1997 58

N Notes Top

Author Title Type Year Issue
Nagy, Balazs Census studies in Hungary: the example of Zsambek, 1715–70 N&Q 1983 30
Nelson, Ian Famine and mortality crises in Mid-Sussex, 1606–1640 Article 1991 46
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