Newsletter archive

For more than thirty years, the biannual Newsletter has been published by the Society ‘to keep members in touch with each and with the central committee’, as editor and LPSS Chair Paul Hair put it back in August 1990.

Since then, the Newsletter has given members the opportunity to communicate their research to other members through short research notes, and to find out about upcoming conferences, meetings, and new publications.

We’re delighted to be able to put the archive on the website for the first time, for you to browse. This might be a source of nostalgia for some members, as well as an insight into how local population studies have evolved over the past three decades. We’re still missing issues 1-3, from 1988-9. If you happen to have a copy, please get in touch.

The Newsletter is still going strong, now edited by Sue Jones. As ever, we’d be glad to hear from you with contributions, feedback, comments, suggestions, letters for publication, research queries. You can email Sue at .

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